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Jane Williams

Jane has been working as a registered physiotherapist in Canada since 1986, and is the director of the 19th Street Physiotherapy Clinic in Vancouver. Jane is an international Level III Trainer in Spacial Dynamics® and a certified Spacial Dynamics® Movement Therapist.
Jane’s professional studies and interests in complementary health form the basis for her own self-development and the integrative approach in her work. Her work incorporates over 30 years of experience in working with women with trauma, stress, poor sleeping patterns, osteoporosis, childbearing, and menopause. Besides her private practice, she also leads Women’s Wellness Retreats with her colleagues in Canada and New Zealand.

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Marita Tulloch

Marita has a master’s degree in education. She studied at the Friedrich Schiller University in Jena, Germany and worked for nearly 30 years as a teacher, at first as a subject teacher for biology and physical education in the former German Democratic Republic school system. Later, after the wall came down, she co-founded the Freie Waldorfschule Jena. Here she worked as a class, handwork, and movement teacher for 20 years. During that time, she started her training in Spacial Dynamics and Bothmer Gymnastics® in Stuttgart, Germany with Jaimen MacMillan and Alheidis von Bothmer. Marita is a Spacial Dynamics® Trainer and Movement Therapist and is also certified as a Bothmer Gymnastics Trainer.
She lives in Vancouver, Canada.
Marita is involved in the German Spacial Dynamics® Level I – Training as an instructor since 2010. She taught several therapy courses in Germany and Hungary, workshops in Mexico, Canada, China and Germany. She was also an instructor in the first Spacial Dynamics® Level I – Training in China.

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Les Tulloch

Les is a Marine Biologist, Commercial Diver, and President of Sea Nymph Sea Farms Ltd since 1985.He has been involved in Waldorf education since 1982 and has a certificate in Waldorf School Administration and Community Development from Sunbridge College, NY.
Les is a Spacial Dynamics® Therapist and Trainer and has taught Spacial Dynamics® Level 1 and Level 2 courses and workshops in Canada, Germany, China, Mexico, Hungary, and the United States of America. He is also certified in Bothmer Gymnastics®.
He lives in North Vancouver, Canada.